When creating a website, there are some key characteristics to consider. The look, function and ease of use are three of the most important. have designed a site which commits some basic design errors, from the first impression, through to the quality of the pictures.

Initial Impressions

The site does not scream high-end design. It has the look of a site designed by a school child in a short lesson. It could have been designed in Microsoft Word and appears to have been designed on an A4 size page. The majority of the screen is taken over by an uninformative picture and a bullet list of 8 items.


The site has a series of links, most of which are housed in a clunky side menu. Once you have clicked on a link, the page jumps through to a new page with a completely different heading, leaving the viewer wondering if they have left the site. Indeed the first link on the homepage takes the user away from the site and provides no way of navigating back to the homepage.

Loading Speed

Having a header, rolling picture gallery and a picture of a bullet list as the main items at the top of the homepage, leads to loading time issues. There is no need to have text saved as a picture, it merely requires more data to be stored and loaded.
Due to the plain design of the homepage, there is little to really load. The background is white whilst the text is a standard font and black. This allows the rest of the site to be loaded almost instantly, as it should.

Quality of Pictures

The pictures in the scrolling gallery appear to be generic car driving pictures, which add very little to the site. These should be changed to be specific to the site, at the very least have a caption written on the pictures.

The problems mentioned before associated with saving a bullet list as a picture, do not just affect the loading speed, but it affects the clarity of the words. Text should always be used in a vector format, this would allow infinite scaling and ensure pixel-clear presentations.

Essential Steps for Improvements

The overall impression of the site is the major issue for The design does not portray a professional business and should be the first aspect that any website designer focuses on..


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